Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skee Town Skirtz Roller Derby


    Roller Derby, the full contact sport for women where they have fun with their uniforms, names and numbers.  A combination of roller skating, Goth style and full contact sport.  Unlike other contact sports such as football and hockey in roller derby the goal is not to control a puck or a ball, it is to prevent the opposing teams "Jammer" or scorer from passing.  The outcome is the potential for a lot of good crashes.  The difficulty as a photographer is the low light level in the roller rink.  I used off-camera flash to get enough light, and used a slow shutter-speed to try and show the energy of the event.  It was difficult because the action happens all over the rink, but I was only able to light about a quarter of the rink.  So instead of getting continuous action I could only photograph a fraction of the crashes.

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Unknown said...

good photos you make the roller derby fun and scary!