Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rehearsing for Showcase

Hands symbolizing temptations claw at Quinlyn Mork, 15 of Pentwater, as she plays the role of a teenager facing spiritual struggles during the "Everything Skit" at the Showcase rehearsal.

In my opinion blond hair against a black background=dramatic combination. 
For me the hardest assignments are often the ones that involve good photographic situations.  Trying to make unique photographs in a new infrequently photographed situation is easy since the bar of expectation is non-existent.  But trying to make a good photograph in a situation with high expectations is difficult.  A talent show rehearsal has a number of good standard photographs, including ancers who will always make good photographs.  For me the challenge is to find a photograph that goes beyond the obvious, I want to photograph the dancers in such a way that my photograph adds value to the dancers performance.  My goal is for my photographs to go beyond what the audience normally notices in a performance.  I think this photograph achieved my goal, because I photographed the dance in way that the audience could never see for themselves, simply because the audience could not ignore the performers who were sticking their arms out.  The real audience could never fully forget the people whose hands were reaching out, but in the world of my photograph the arms become shapes.  The people they belong to can be forgotten as our eyes are drawn to the blond haired girl, distinct against the black background.

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