Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wrestling Photographs

119 pound GMAA city wrestling Championship

 189 pound GMAA city wrestling Championship


285 pound GMAA City wrestling Championship 

What is Truth? 
Two thousand years ago Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea asked that question, I think the question is as relevant today as it was then.  I think about it every time I create a picture.  Every picture I create involves editing as I decide what to include and what to exclude.  My goal is to keep only what I consider to be the best of every situation.  Often "the best" means the most exciting, the moment of peak action or emotion.  My job, as I interpret it, is to skim off the cream moments of every event and deliver it with the most impact possible. 
In a wrestling tournament finding "the best" means focusing on the few fractions of a second when the wrestlers are off balance or in the air.  The moments happen fast, sometimes so fast you almost can't even see them with a human eye.  I can only photograph the fastest actions because I begin the process of shooting before the action has occurred.  Which leads back to the question "What is Truth?" 
With the camera I make visible moments in time that cannot normally be seen and appreciated.  But those same moments are not the norm, they are aberrations in time.  They happen infrequently, even in a wrestling match.  When I was in studying geology in college I was taught to take representative samples, to find what is normal for the purpose of creating knowledge that can be used for prediction.  Is truth what is normal?  Is it the heightened reality seen through the camera?  Is it relative to the medium being used?  Is it a bad question to ask, because most people don't care and just want to be entertained?  I think all of my possible answers could be right.  I think that even with the camera looking for the best eye candy it is important to search for the truth by looking for the moments that communicate genuine attributes that could be considered normal.

--Darren Breen

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