Monday, April 12, 2010

Alicia and Brad on Grand Haven Pier

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.   
    Alicia and Brad were great troopers, for this photograph they posed for what must have been ten minutes, although it felt like an eternity.  The engagement shoot was officially over, but since they came all the way to the lake shore it made sense to enjoy the sunset.  But as we were watching the orange sky after the sun dipped below the horizon I decided to take a few more photographs, and then I noticed that despite the calm lake some water would spray up every few minutes.  So I asked Alicia and Brad to relocate to were the waves splashed, and then we waited. 
    It seemed as if the waves big enough to produce decent splashes disappeared as soon as I realized they were happening, so we decided to give up.  As I literally put down my camera a wave splashed up.  I jerked my camera up to shoot a picture, but I was too late.  Brad said through teeth clenched from the cold "you must have gotten than one."  No, I didn't, it was a total miss, but the wave convinced us to keep being patient. 
    We waited some more, as the sky grew darker.  Fortunately Brad and Alicia seem to be in-love.  So despite wearing light jackets on a chilly evening they remained happy, cold, but happy.  I think they enjoyed gazing into one each other's eyes.  Alicia started laughing at something Brad said.  Then, while Alicia was reaching the end of her little laugh a wave sprayed up.  This time I got it, I was not fooled twice.

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