Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Child Prodigy

    Marc Yu seems to be a child prodigy, a gifted pianist, an excellent communicator, and is good at telling jokes.  Although his taste in music differs from mine.  He enjoys complex piano pieces that demonstrate his ability, while my pedestrian tastes prefer big crescendos that would make a great score for the climax of an action movie.
   When I was shooting the portrait of him after his performance he told me some jokes.  I think I should repeat one of them because it is so funny.  It may not seem as funny as you read it here, but to hear it from a child dressed up to perform classical music was funny.  If it is not funny then it is probably my fault for not retelling precisely enough.

   A soldier who had been sent to stand gurad returned to his camp and his commander asked whey he had abandoned his position.  The soldier said "while I was camouflaged as a tree birds flew over and used me for target practice, but I did not abandon my position.  Then a dog came and used me to mark his territory, but I did not abandon my position.  Then two squirrels climbed up my leg, and I did not abandon my position.  Then one squirrel said to the other squirrel, lets grab the other nut too, that was when I abandoned my position." 

   To appreciate the humor I think it helps to have been a twelve year old boy yourself.

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