Monday, October 18, 2010

Kent County Honor Camp

Campers look after the horses of the Kent County Mounted patrol at the Kent County Sheriff's Honor Camp Friday September 17, 2010. The campers look after the horses, maintain the camp, cut firewood to sell, and raise vegetables to eat and donate to the food pantries.

I have been in prisons before, but my experience was limited to medium and maximum security prisons, I think I was also in a county jail, but I'm not sure of the security level.  This was my first time in a minimum security camp.  It was quite nice.  The campers look after the Kent county Sheriff's department horses, grow vegetables, and chop down fire wood.
I rarely offer my own opinion about political issues; my job as a journalist is to report the news, not give my opinions about it.  But in this case I will make an exception, in my opinion the prison camp should not be closed down.  The campers who have not committed violent crimes should not be mixed in with the more serious criminals.  It would be like sending the campers to college for a major in felonies.

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To learn more about the Honor Camp go to:  Kent County Honor Camp on MLive

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