Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lots of Waves

 A surfer dives into the waves off of the Grand Haven pier during the storm Tuesday October 26, 2010.

 Billy Bellinger carries his surf kayak across the blowing sand at Grand Haven State Park.

 Billy Bellinger surf kayaks next to the Grand Haven pier.

 Storm enthusiast Corey Reimink enjoys the storm on the Grand Haven pier.

 Calvin Langworthy, 4 center, plays on the beach while his family watch the storm at Grand Haven State Park.

Geoff Holstad, left, and Sarah Darnell, right, enjoy the storm at Grand Haven State Park Tuesday October 26, 2010. Darnell said of the waves, "they're pretty impressive."

I like waves, and wind, they are both fun.  I will admit that I was nervous for the surfer.  I'm glad he created a great situation for me to photograph, but I was also glad when he decided to get out of the water after diving in twice, so he could wait for more surfers to show up.

To see the photographs on MLive, and photographs by other photographers of some of the damage the storm caused go to:

for a video of a bird trying to fly in the wind go to:

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